The Age Good Food Guide 2012 Awards

Last night, the Victorian food scene celebrated the illustrious The Age Good Food Guide 2012 award ceremony.

Crowned as Best Restaurant of the Year was Attica from Melbourne’s Ripponlea. While their chef Ben Shewry was unable to receive the award, owner David Maccora accepted it on his behalf. Despite this, Good Food Guide editor Janne Apelgren said “Ben serves poetry on a plate.”

And impressively, last year’s Best New Country Restaurant was this year’s Regional Restaurant of the Year. Astrid and Aaron Turner of Loam have created a modern, “curious” menu that clearly impressed the judges. Golden Fields took home the Best new Restaurant while Philippe Mouchel took home the Vittoria Legend Award.

For a full list of the awards, follow this link

Overall, 81 restaurants were awarded with hats, three fewer than last year. Among them were seven entirely new restaurants, including the Asian-tinged Spice Temple, Golden Fields and Dandelion.

Anna Lisle

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