Nespressos’ launch of Aquila

 We can safely say that Nespresso is to Italy what champagne is to France. And, as coffee has been around for over 11 centuries – with over 400 billion cups consumed every year (especially in our office here at de Groots!) – it was a must that we attended Nespressos’ launch of Aquila – the latest in coffee machine technology.  


While sampling gastronomic delights accompanied by great wines and themed coffee infusions, we discovered that the worldwide pioneers of coffee have since built their success in the professional market with the smart invention of this amazing machine.

Steve Mcarthur, Maureen de Groot and Chef Michael Moore

The evening was beautifully catered for by the overseeing talents of legendary executive chef Peter Gilmore at Quay Restaurant, Circular Quay. The event provided an opportunity for industry professionals to discover the product benefits first-hand. Nespresso has perfected the barista tradition with this new machine, which is equipped to deal with times of peak demands and delivers consistent results cup after cup.

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