Book launch @ Bentley Restaurant & Bar

It was bread makers a couple of years ago, yoghurt makers more recently and now, it’s Thermomix. I have to say, I was more excited about the prospect of rubbing shoulders with Bentley chef Brent Savage rather than this “bees knees” machine but when I arrived at the launch, I was absolutely enthralled by it. Touted as a God-send for chefs, like Brent, the Thermomix is said to be fantastic for creating large quantities of dishes such as crème anglaise that normally require a lot of maintenance and involve many steps.

Author Dani Valent and Bentley chef Brent Savage

With champers on arrival, we all eagerly watched on as author Dani Valent created a beetroot, pistachio salad (which, of course, we got to sample) and then she concluded with her “party trick” which involved de-seeding a pomegranate using the machine. Brent Savage then took over the Thermomix creating a parmesan custard which was more than impressive.

Sydney Morning Herald Food Editor Joanna Saville and celebrity chef Dan Hong were all there to celebrate the launch of the Thermomix recipe book (“In The Mix”; $60) and, after the presentation, I was able to have a chat to Brent about his new, more casual version of Bentley, set to open in the CBD at the end of the year.

Me with Woolworths Editor Christine Sheppard

While I may not purchase a Thermomix to take up the entire bench space in my tiny terrace apartment, I can certainly see its benefits for industrial kitchens (or any mums churning out thousands of biscuits for children’s’ charity days!).

Anna Lisle


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3 responses to “Book launch @ Bentley Restaurant & Bar

  1. Thanks for coming Anna, glad you enjoyed!

  2. cathy lisle

    Sounds very intersting. I gather this is for making large quantities of anything? Is the Thermomix available at any electrical appliance store?

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