Rescuing food with OzHarvest

Arriving at the OzHarvest head office in Alexandria, I was buzzing with excitement. I couldn’t wait for my chance to don on a yellow t-shirt and be part of the OzHarvest team for the day.

With white plastic tubs stocked in the back, my driver Andrew and I set out for a day of rescuing food. First stop was a nearby cafe and while the owners were only able to give us a couple of sandwiches, Andrew quickly explained that Ronnie Kahn (CEO) fosters every relationship- whether it is the tiny corner cafe or the big businesses. I was only fifteen minutes into the morning and I was already hooked.

Andrew and I were on the Eastern Suburbs route which included stops at Harry’s Cafe in Wolloomooloo, some Aldi supermarkets in Edgecliff before heading Bondi way. Each cafe, restaurant, butcher, fruit shop and grocer that we visited welcomed us with the friendliest of hellos and the biggest smiles. The warmth and energy was absolutely contagious. Curious as to whether it is just me that was riding this excited wave, I asked Andrew if all the energy of this good-will diminished after a few weeks. “No”, he said, “I love doing what I do, every single day”. It is this kind of attitude, this kind of passion that makes organisations like OzHarvest so successful.

Restaurant consultant Michael Fisher, who is also on the OzHarvest Board of Directors, got me involved in the incredible work of this organisation and now, de Groots Media is looking forward to working with OzHarvest in every way we can. And, it is with great excitement that OzHarvest celebrates rescuing and delivering 10 million meals in Australia. And to commemorate this incredible feat, OzHarvest is producing an OzHarvest cookbook called ‘Ten Million Meals’. The book will be a collection of recipes using left overs, submitted by celebrity chefs, friends of OzHarvest and you. For more details and to submit your recipe, please see here.

The closing date for submission of all recipes is 30th November 2011.

Anna Lisle


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