NSW Wine Festival at SMH Growers’ Market

Anybody who knows me is well aware of my obsession with farmers’ markets. Much to my other-half’s dismay, weekends are spent driving across Sydney from the Everleigh Markets in Redfern to eat some of Kylie Kwong’s delights, all the way back to the Crows Nest Organic Market for my favourite cured salmon. And, even as the rain bucketed down, this Saturday was no exception.

NSW Wine Festival at SMH Growers’ Market

As part of the NSW Wine Festival month, Joanna Saville and the SMH team featured wine tasting sessions at 9am at the Pyrmont Grower’s Market. The usual team of stallholders were happily there hiding underneath their not-so-waterproof tents.

Chatting to the Gwydir Grove stall owner.

The feature of today was wine expert Huon Hooke. With Crave Food Festival director Joanna Savill by his side, Huon took us through a NSW wine tasting, suggesting particular produce from the markets that would be appropriate to match with each wine. As a rather amateur wine connoisseur, it was rather insightful.

Wine guru Huon Hooke with Joanna Savill

The excitement of the NSW Wine Festival continues. We will be heading to Clareville Kiosk on Wednesday as part of Dine with NSW Wine. Check out all the restaurants taking part here:

Watching on as Huon suggests a match for Willowbrae goat’s cheese.

See you all at Taste this weekend – come and say hello.



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