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Review: Asakusa Restaurant, Newtown

The doors of Asakusa are wide open on a balmy summer night, welcoming passersby off the hectic King Street sidewalk into their restaurant’s sanctuary.

Asakusa Japanese Restaurant

With red paper lanterns, polished wooden floorboards and chalkboard specials – this Japanese restaurant is almost completely full, and it’s only early in the evening. As I head to the back counter to inquire about a table, I’m welcomed by a petite elderly woman sitting at one of the wooden tables kneading mounds of dough and then shaping them into delicate fresh gyoza.

I’m immediately sold – if the maitre d’ can’t offer us a table straight away, we are definitely waiting. If only to get my lips around a crisp gyoza which has been so lovingly created right before my eyes.

But we’re lucky, it isn’t long before we secure a table. Ordering quickly, an assortment of sushi, creative maki rolls (think salmon XO sauce, egg, cucumber and mayo) and crispy squid arrive. While the service is efficient, the staff tend to avoid interacting with the diners. Understandably, the restaurant does always seem to be busy, however I just wanted to tell them how much I loved their gyoza.

Asakusa has an exciting vibe that is great for large groups. Fussy eaters will be sure to find something on their extensive menu while Japanophiles will be impressed by their traditional dishes.

Anna Lisle


119 King St
Newtown 2042 NSW

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