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Bondi Picnic

Who would have thought that Bondi would need another cafe? But when Bondi Picnic arrived on this beach suburb’s shores, it quickly became clear that there is always room for ones like this.

When I first heard that Bondi Picnic had taken over Igloo Zoo, my favourite frozen yoghurt joint in Bondi, I was resentful. I arrived at the cafe doors on a busy Sunday morning ready to fire any disapproval. But as soon as I walked in the cafe’s doors, any indignation that I harboured quickly dissipated.

Not too beachy, not too chic, Bondi Picnic’s design is simple and refreshing

All that came to mind was praise. The corner position on Hall Street’s five ways, coffee by The Little Marionette and a fresh, funky fit out, all the foundations of a great cafe are here. However, there is something extra that makes this cafe special. Perhaps it’s the innovative cold-drip coffee concept that offers a different single-origin coffee daily? Or maybe it’s the fact that the baristas casually yell over the churning machine “what’s your order?”.  The bottles of Cholula Hot Sauce on the tables are a cute touch, as is the fresh coconut water on the drinks list.

The success of Bondi Picnic shouldn’t be a surprise with Andrew Crabbe of Bondi Icebergs’ thriving Crabbe Hole cafe, as co-owner. Let’s just hope that the coffee stays smooth and the barista’s remain chirpy.

Anna Lisle

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