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One of Sydney’s most authentic Japanese restaurants, Masuya

At Masuya, in Sydney’s CBD, you won’t spot any celebrities, the way you might at lavish, trendy Japanese pleasure palaces like Sake or Toko. What you will see are tables filled with Japanese businessmen, ordering authentic Japanese cuisine that is more like Tokyo than you will find anywhere else in Sydney.

For the Japanese novice, be prepared to encounter some unusual flavour combinations. A far cry from your standard teriyaki-chicken-roll joint, the menu at Masuya features dishes such as lobster sashimi and kingfish wings cooked with mirin, soy, ginger and served with tofu. For those keen to avoid any unwanted surprises, stick to Australianised-Japanese favourites such as salmon sashimi, nasu miso (deep fried miso eggplant) or tempura. But I dare say, after you try Masuya’s version, you will soon be snubbing your local Japanese takeaway.

Rainbow Roll – covered california roll with salmon, tuna, white fish and avocado

One of Misuya’s signature dishes – a Mulloway jewfish fillet rolled in a potato net and served with a dill and soy butter sauce – is a delicious adventure, well worth a try.  Masuya’s desserts also pack a punch – for the brave, try the tofu and cream cheese cake or the homemade green tea brulee. Tofu and green tea has never tasted so good.

Masuya is one of most authentic Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Anna Lisle

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