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Drambuie launch at The Den

Translated as “the drink that satisfies”, Drambuie is one of life’s finest luxuries. Created more than 260 years ago, Drambuie was first created as an exclusive drink for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. Today, it is most widely used as the key liquor in a ‘Rusty Nail’ cocktail but, as we experienced on Monday night, it is also slowly creeping its way into some of Australia’s most elegant drinks.

Matt Thurlow, Michael Kennedy, Jonathan Brown

With its stunning mirror bar, turquoise velvet drapes and silk ottomans, The Den was the perfect venue to celebrate the launch of two new exclusive products: Drambuie 15 and The Royal Legacy of 1745. Throughout the night, we sampled five cocktails, all with Drambuie as the hero. The ‘plum evelyn’ was the ideal start with cranberry juice, rose syrup, muddle plums and, of course, Drambuie.

Later in the evening, we heard from Jonathon Brown who not only gave us an educational rundown but created quite a laugh as he persuaded the audience to pronounce ““draamabuui”, in a thick Scots accent. I fear his attempts to find the inner Scotsman in the mostly-Aussie group was quite a disappointing blow. Thank you to Polka Dot PR – as always, a fantastic event.

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