Maureen de Groot

Maureen de Groot is the founder and CEO of de Groots Media, a long established supplier of quality restaurant, resort and hospitality information throughout Australia. de Groots Media has a reputation for being one of Australia’s most reliable sources of hospitality information for the visitor and corporate market. de Groots Media websites receive over 650,000 unique visits each month with statistics showing the majority of viewers are from major companies and the visitor market.








Anna Lisle

As a passionate foodie and Senior Editor of Best Restaurants of Australia, Anna knows exactly what is going on in the hospitality world. She knows who’s opening, who’s closing, what chef has jumped ship and all the latest food trends. Anna regularly attends restaurant openings, cookbook launches, food and wine fairs and industry events. She also regularly reviews Sydney’s best restaurants.








Aphrodite Vlahos

Based in Melbourne, Aphrodite is an experience food writer and photographer.  As a freelancer, Aphrodite covers athe Victorian food scene, regularly contributing to the Best Restaurant’s blog and website.







Roz Taylor

As a professional food writer and presenter, chef, restaurant reviewer and food critic, Roz Taylor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Best Restaurant blog. Roz takes care of Adelaide, covering major restaurant launches and food and wine events.


If you’d like your restaurant profiled by one of our professional food writers, send an email.


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