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Bar Review: Hunky Dory Social Club

On the not-so-cool end of Oxford Street, just up from Taylors Square, is Hunky Dory Social Club. Downstairs is Bruno’s Italian Restaurant, while, upstairs is where the beautiful people of Sydney go to mingle. With an unspoken rule that all females must sport 3-inch stilettos and wear Dolce and Gabbana dresses, the crowd at Hunky Dory Social Club is certainly of a certain social milieu. However, despite this, the vibe isn’t at all stuffy and pretentious – it is eccentric and super fun.

Hunky Dory Social Club

Hunky Dory definitely follows the too-dark-to-see and too-tiny-to-move trend that has engulfed the Sydney bar scene, but perhaps, that is half the fun. Scoring a position on the rooftop – overlooking Oxford Street – is like winning the lottery. And so accordingly, if you are one of these lucky few, all efforts must be made to ensure the best night ever.

With exposed brick walls, brown leather pin-cushioned lounges and rustic wooden bar tops, the multi-levelled space is a miscellaneous mix of the old and new. With regular live DJ’s, Sunday sessions, happy hours and weekday lunch pizza pleasers, there is always a crowd looming outside Hunky Dory. The drinks list is top notch, with a great list of important and boutique beers, and the cocktails are dangerously good.

Anna Lisle

Hunky Dory Social Club
215 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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